"Yoann Loustalot is like a very rare flower that, when it appears in a garden, makes all the other flowers disappear. It's not just a "beautiful sound". No, it is the sound of the soul and it is so deep and authentic that every note counts and tales.
He constantly invents melodies that remain engraved in the air and in our heads.
Passion, care, attention, love.
I have almost never felt so close to another trumpeter before. »






A singular voice of the trumpet, a prolific and original composer, Yoann leads several projects at the same time and is also the founder of the record label "Bruit Chic".

With pianist Julien Touéry he founded the SLOW quartet, claiming a calm and aerial music. 

He plays with the quartet Old & New Songs project whose universal repertoire takes them on a major tour of Russia in 2018. 

He is also at the initiative of the trio AEROPHONE with whom he records 3 albums, ( The last "Atrabile" was released in 2017 with the trombonist "Glenn Ferris" as guest) a resolutely acoustic and contemporary group, concentrated in subtlety and efficiency, just like the quartet "Lucky Dog" which he leads with the saxophonist Fred Borey and of which 2 albums are released on the Fresh Sound New Talent label.

 His trio Loustalot / Chesnel / Paganotti whose album "Pièces en forme de flocons" appeared in 2016 received Choc Jazz Mag, Elu Citizen Jazz and was praised by critics for its sweetness, depth and originality.

 He is also a member of the "Togetherness Ensemble", a Franco-American quintet founded with Pierrick Menuau, Julien Touery, Barry Altschull and Santi De Briano. 


As Sideman Yoann is also appreciated by his peers and known for his unique sound and fine melodic inventiveness, he has participated in about forty recordings. Recently, he has participated in Aldo Romano's Palatino quartet and Michel Bénita's Ethics group.



In recent years he has played with many artists, including: Lee konitz, Barry Altschull, Dave Liebman, Jerry Bergonzi, Christian Escoudé, Bill Mobley, Pierre de Bethmann, Franck Lacy, Alain Jean-Marie, Raul De Souza, Rick Margitza, Robert Irving III, Pierrick Pedron, Steve Pots, Glenn Ferris, Aldo Romano, Yonathan Avishai, Michel Benita, Ricardo Del Fra, Yannick Rieu, Nelson Veras, Norma Winston, Elisabeth Kontomanou, Marc Miralta, Peter Washington, Norma Winstone, Chano Dominguez, Christophe Monniot, Santi De Briano... 

"Loustalot has an extreme mastery of his instrument and the quality of his sound. A rare musician who, like a Rava or especially like a Paolo Fresu, takes improvisation to the height of feeling. "Jean Marc Gelin- The latest news from the jazz- 

"This musician advances and evolves while remaining himself, namely one of the most interesting, engaging and intelligent trumpeters of French jazz" Thierry Giard - Culture Jazz- 



Discography : 

Leader & coleader:

-SLOW (Touéry, Loustalot , Surménian, Paris)-Bruit Chic/ Etic system-2019

-OLD AND NEW SONGS-Bruit Chic/L'autre Distribution 2 février 2018 

-Lucky Dog « Live at Jacques Pelzer Jazz Club » Fresh Sound New Talent-Socadisc-Janv 2018 

-Aerophone « Atrabile »-2017-Bruit Chic / L'autre Distribution 

-Trio Loustalot/Chesnel/Paganotti « Pièces en forme de flocons »( Bruit Chic 006-2015)- CHOC JAZZMAG-ELU CITIZEN JAZZ 

-Lucky dog 4tet « Lucky dog » (Fresh Sound New Talent 2014) 4++++


-Aerophone « Flyin'With » (bruit chic 004-2013) 4++++ JAZZMAG-ELU CITIZEN JAZZ

 -Yoann loustalot 4tet « Derniers reflets » (Fresh Sound New Talent-412-2012) 

-Aerophone (Fresh Sound New Talent-377- 2010)

-Yoann Loustalot quintet "YO5" (Petit Label 2009) 

-Grand Six « De la jungle » (Petit label 2010)
-Yoann Loustalot quartet "PRIMAVERA" (Elabeth 2006)
-Grand Six "GRAND SIX" (Mosaic 2004)



-Fred Pasqua « MOON RIVER » (avec Fred Pasqua, Nelson Veras, Yoni Zelnik) Bruit Chic/ L'autre Distribution 27 avril 2018 

-Florian Pélissier quintet « Bijou, voyou, caillou » Heavenly Sweetness-2018

-Christophe Monniot « Jericho Simphonia » Ayler Records-2018

-Vintage Orchestra-Smack dab in the middle-(Gaya/Socadisc-2017)
-Shola Adissa Farar & Florian Pélissier quintet« Lost myself » Hot Casa Records-2016 -F.Pélissier quintet « Cap de bonne espérance »(heavenly sweetness 2016)
-F.Pélissier « Biches Bleues » (heavenly sweetness 2014)
-Cyril Achard « Le point du jour » (Autoprod 2013)
-Frederic Borey « The option » (Fresh sound New Talent 2012)
-François Chesnel quartet "KURT WEILL PROJECT" « Le voyant »(Label Sans Bruit 2012) -Victor Michaud « Wunderbar Orchestra » ( Bruit chic 002-2012)
-Florian Pélissier 5tet « Le diable et son train » ( Petites Mains 2012)
-Sophie Alour 5tet « La géographie des rêves » (Naive 2012)
-David Prez « Awakening » (PJU Records 2012)
-François Chesnel/ Thierry Lhiver « Japanese Song » (Bruit Chic 001-2012)
-François Chesnel quartet "KURT WEILL PROJECT" (Petit Label 2009)

-David El Malek "MUSIC FROM SOURCE" (Plus Loin 2009) -Rachael Magdison « the cloud have passed » autoprod-2009 

-Sebastien Jarrousse Sextet "LA NUIT DES TEMPS " (Such Productions, Harmonia Mundi 2009) 

-Cheveu- (Bad Records/Mauvaise graine/ S-S Records- 2008)
-Sarah Lenka « Am i Blue » ( E-motive 2008)
-Olivier Galinou « Nouvelles » (autoprod 2008)
-Elisabeth Kontomanou " BACK TO MY GROOVE " (Plus Loin 2007)
-Christophe Dal Sasso Nonet & Dave Liebmann "EXPLORATIONS" (nocturne 2007) -Frederic Jeanne quintet "LIVE à KIRON" (Axolotl 2007) 

-Frederic Jeanne quintet "REVEURS LUCIDES" (Axolotl 2006)
-Vintage Orchestra & Stan Laférière "WEATHER MAN" ( Jazz aux remparts 2006) -Vintage Orchestra "THAD" (Nocturne 2005)
-Alexandre Saada "BE WHERE YOU ARE" (Codaex 2005)
-Samy Thiebault « Blues for Nel » (autoprod -distri Musicast 2004)
-Marc Delmas « initial» (Cristal Records 2003)


-Cabu Jazz Masters «FROM PARIS WITH JAZZ TRUMPET»(Warner/Nocturne 2008) -Café Saint Germain Volume 5, Brisa Roché « I hear Music » (Wagram 2004)